Monday, September 21, 2009

What's Going On

Busy times here at FotoFink have led to a drop in the Blog Post/Photo Gallery ratio- so this post will have to serve 2 very different galleries- Lehman at Redeemer for Girl's Field Hockey, then Hanover at Redeemer for Boy's (duh) Football.  The title today is from the late, great Marvin Gaye.  I'd love to say that I've progressed that far with the project, but in truth I am stuck at Fleetwood Mac.  It turns out that all the photo editing takes time away from the music project.

On to Field Hockey-

In a postponed match-up, Lake Lehman visited Hollenback for the matchup with your Lady Royals on Friday.  It proved to be a tough outing for the home side, as HR never seemed to mount a serious threat during the game.  The loss dropped our girls to 1-4 for the season, but I am told that there is reason for optimism- Apparently the rest of the schedule is more favorable, so a turnaround may be in the near future.

I know that I am about 30 years beyond being cool, but try as I might, I am coming up dry on figuring out what this means.  Can anyone get me the 411 on this?  (I know-  411... probably still not cool)

She's probably a very pretty, symmetrical girl without all that padding.  Really.

This week's lesson in Field Hockey-  Orange ball = Bad.

Before I could get all of the Field Hockey shots edited and posted, I was out again shooting the Football game on Saturday.  This was my first venture out to the gridiron this season- I prefer day games for photos.  Apparently, your Royals are rocked with injuries, but whatever the reason, this turned into a lopsided affair in favor of the Hanover Hawks.  Redeemer will look to break into the win column next week at Holy Cross, which may warrant another FotoFink visit.

I wouldn't call this game well-attended, but one good thing about football is that there is always lots going on besides the game.  For example-


The Band.  The Styx tribute was touching, especially the version of Mr. Roboto accompanied by the interpretive dancers.


FansEnthusiastic, colorful, excited.  In spite of the lopsided score.

Did I mention Cheerleaders?

Speaking of cheerleaders- I saw that movie, but I don't remember this part.  Is this where they drop the Spirit Sticks, or is this when the one girl tells the other to "Bring it."?

If anyone was wondering about a Christmas gift for your favorite FotoFink staffer, one of these lenses will do nicely.  I am seriously jealous.

On to the good stuff.  Extra links again from this post.

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