Friday, April 17, 2009

Defying Gravity

Busy times here at FF HQ this week- Soccer on Tuesday, Vball on Wednesday, Soccer on Thursday, Vball or Soccer on Friday, then finally Vball on Saturday- Whew! Our staff has done an admirable job of editing and posting pics, but these blog entries are running about a day behind. Like the parking lot attendant in Seinfield, "We ask that you bear with us in this difficult time."

Wednesday's Vball action saw an undefeated Hazleton squad come to visit your recently recovering Royals. Anticipation was high for this game, but HR made quick work of the Cougars, sweeping the match in three straight games. The question still hangs though- has Redeemer turned a corner? Or was Hazleton's record a result of a lesser schedule? Time will tell, with Crestwood and the Pottsville tournament later this week.

It's late, I am tired, and Mrs FF just reminded me that it is trash night, so there are a few less links than usual- Here's all I can come up with in this frame of mind-

First off, the picture at the end of that last link is a reference to trash, not Mrs. FF.

I am having relatively little problem using song titles as blog titles. Bob looks to be defying gravity in the lead pic, JB has his own interpretation here.

Separated at birth lives! Something about volleyball seems to bring out the best look-alikes. Once again, I cannot take credit for this idea, but I will pat myself on the back for the execution.

Overheard in the stands- "I guess the Kablicks found a 2-for-1 deal on haircuts this week" Again- not my idea, I am just the messenger on this one.

Game Pics

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