Sunday, November 1, 2009

Still Fighting It

This time of year, the number of active teams here at FotoFink begin to dwindle.  Regular seasons end, playoff runs take teams out of reasonable travel distance, and staffers here are left with fewer and fewer options for pictures.  Thankfully, horizons can be broadened.  Over the last season, we have tried to include the HR Jr High field hockey team in our pages here, but there was always one conflict or another (usually three of four, as most of their games were on soccer/work days).  Luckily for everyone, their season lives on, as they are still fighting it at the time of this writing.

Yes, there are some CD's mixed in to my "conversion to portable" music project, not all of the references will be three or four decades old.  Just the good ones.

Back to the subject, the younger version of Royals Field Hockey showed great promise for the future of the program- not just on this day with a convincing win, but all season where they have been undefeated thus far.  Rumor has it that their next outing is on Tuesday 11/3 at Scouten Lee Park (Just a quick stagger down the street from Cafe 99), I am sure all support is appreciated.  I can only call this a rumor at this point, because someone has stopped updating their website....

The link to the gallery is below- but as always, I need to stretch things out with some thoughts on the process-

Providing rosters online has been a godsend here at FF.  Usually by the end of a season, naming players in photos is ridiculously easy- Even without seeing faces or numbers, I know that Lauren B's cleats are gray, and Ashley's are black- so picking them, or most players, out of a crowd is simple.  For this game, things were more complicated.  First off- this was my first time seeing most of these girls, on the field or off- so there was no "instant recognition" of any of them.  Mrs. FotoFink, who is usually a big help in that area, had the same handicap in this case, since none of these girls have been in her class yet either.  At least I have the online roster.  Except....  look carefully at that roster, and notice that there are two number 17's , and two number 18's.  Someone needs to review the reasons we have numbers on jerseys.

Relax Mary- It's just a lollipop.

I'm new to this, but this may be the nicest save I have seen.

Now that it has been explained to me, I love the ball carry thing.  Easily my favorite tradition of this sport so far.

It's a good sign when players can't get enough of their sport.  I look forward to a time when these girls are on the field with some of the younger ones.  Look out.

Here's what you came for-

Game pics



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