Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Veja Du

In a reversal of last Friday's action, Tuesday found our staff stretched between soccer and volleyball, only this time in reverse order. Always up to the task, your trusty shutterbug made both games, with time for a hearty meal in between.

This time the opener was a volleyball match pitting HR against Pittston Area. The JV game was a last-minute add-on to the schedule, so HR came largely unprepared for the opening games, leaving most of the younger teammates behind. Quality won out over quantity, however, as the Royals downed the Patriots in 2 straight.

Varsity action was similarly one-sided. Give Pittston some credit, apparently their volleyball program has been in some jeopardy, but a few committed players and coaches have kept it going. All in all, a good day for the Royals, but a tough day for pictures- lopsided games mean lots of serve/miscue/repeat- and not much in the way of action. We did get to see some unusual events as a result- check out "Air Farrell"'s jump serve for example.

The whole gallery is here. More to come from Thursday's game and Saturday's tournament.

After leaving the nice, warm Pittston gym, our staff made our way over to Mountain Top for the girls soccer match with Crestwood. If you are a faithful reader of my work, you will recall that I have pondered this question before:

"Why do schools with lighted fields insist on using them?"

By them, I mean the lights, of course, not the fields themselves. Really though- couldn't that match have been played in the warmth of day just as easily as every other school's soccer matches? Just becasue the lights exist, doesn't mean the fields can't be used during the day as well. Are you listening Tunkhannock? Why force our athletes and spectators out in the harsh cold when we don't have to? Don't get me wrong, I like the cold weather. For skiing. I also appreciate extreme weather for soccer. That was a bit more extreme than I care for though. When your bench look slike a slumber party, there is something wrong.

Besides the cold, it was quite an entertaining match, with your Lady Royals coming out on top of a 3-2 score.

Time is short, so the pics are here.

Whole site is here.

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