Friday, March 27, 2009


There was a time, back in the days before the merge, when there were two big matches every season- Lake Lehman and North Pocono. Things are different now. Lehman came to visit and the most exciting, anticipated aspect of the day was the return of Sonic. Although the JV squad dropped it's match 2-1, the varsity squad put together perhaps their most solid performance of the season in their 3-0 sweep. This is a good time to be playing well, as the Valley West tournament and North Pocono match are both in the coming week.

From what I see of volleyball, momentum is a huge part of the game. Fans may have noticed the steps teams will take to push momentum in their favor- timeouts, congratulating players that have just erred horribly, and most annoyingly- chanting. Lehman's JV squad were chanters. Perhaps due to their younger age, they knew just one chant. After every point, the same chant. Through all three games. Tedious? You bet. But just wait. North Pocono is coming up. BIG chanters. (Roof -e-o? are they playing volleyball or drugging their prom dates?)

The shot above is of Gary Verazin, who is also known for his goaltending prowess with the soccer team. I consider this to be one of the best shots I've managed all season. It's focused, action is frozen, colors are good, and Gary's face is clear in the shot. In fact, there are about 4 shots of Gary in the gallery, I think they are all above average (I almost hurt my arm patting myself on the back there, but someone has to). Thanks have to go to Gary though. Poses like that make me look good.

Anyway- Pictures are here. Our staff was on site early, so there are plenty of JV shots as well. Once back at the cozy mountain retreat though, our team of player identifiers was unable to stay awake long enough to be much help, so there are plenty of URPs in this batch. Are you out there Robert? Can you help?

The whole shebang is here. Thanks for looking. Buy a picture.

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