Friday, May 7, 2010

Strong Enough

Red Sox vs. Yankees.  Cowboys vs. Eagles.  Celtics vs. Lakers.  Flyers vs. Devils/Rangers/Bruins/whoever they play tonight (they all hate the Flyers...)  Rivalries make sports better, at any level.  Here in the world of girls' high school soccer, Coughlin vs. Hoban/Redeemer is as entertaining as any.  In spite of the very different records, the first meeting this season was a 1-0 nail-biter.  Expectations were high for the rematch - Which team would be strong enough to earn the victory this time?

The game did not disappoint.  Coughlin got out to a 1-0 lead in the first half, but Redeemer held on, and kept the score close through most of the second.  In spite of dominating the play, Coughlin couldn't bury Redeemer until late in the game, eventually putting the Royals away by a final score of 3-0.

It needs to be noted that Coughlin is dealing with some a great personal loss.  More than ever, our schools are communities... families.  Let's all hope that the Coughlin family is strong enough to deal with this tragedy.  Our condolences go out to Joel's family, friends, and teammates.

On to some thoughts on the match-

Generalizations are dangerous-  but girls' games are definitely a different experience than boys'.  Girls will do this.  Over and over again.  All day long.  Rachel even got a bonus pose in- because her braces are off. (Congratulations, btw)  For pictures, of course, this is all good stuff.  Ham it up ladies.

It's not unique to girls' games- but Kiera has noticed that her tongue is out in a lot of her pictures.  For fun- let's look at some other tongue-waggers- GraceAlexKatieAlliJenna.  Had enough?  Her tongue is not really out, but Erin definitely has some sort of issue here.  Once again-  not really a tongue, but Lexie looks like she just ate a Bad Dill Pickle.  Nice of the girls to show some solidarity- at least Kiera has some company.

Almost.  Not yet.


Olivia tells us that her goal was the first head-ball score for her ever.  Insert your own quip here about never using her head.

Enough frivolity- onto the photos-


All of 'em.

A friendly reminder.


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