Thursday, May 6, 2010

All The Young Dudes

After a seemingly short getaway to the remote southern headquarters, followed by a seemingly long drive back, Tuesday brought our staff out to Crestwood for a volleyball match-up with the Dallas Mountaineers.  This year is a rebuilding effort for the Comets, with a roster drawing exclusively from the 9th and 10th grades.  Is there a better way to spend a spring afternoon than hanging out with all the young dudes from Crestwood volleyball?  Not when they manage a 3 game sweep of the visitors (5 counting the JV).  Adding to the win column is always a treat for a young team- and its a feeling that this squad should enjoy more and more as they continue to gel.

FYI- Mott the Hoople is not really a cheat in the process- The current stoppage is at Ian Hunter.  Close enough.

This post is already later than usual in going up- so here are a few quick thoughts on the day in pictures-

Josh knows- when you make good plays like this at the net, you can flaunt the team name on your shirt a bit.

Zach added to the team's effort with some good plays-  several in fact.  Not every play ends well though.

AJ's hair has been making a splash in a number of photos.  It's reminiscent of these things.  There may be a "separated at birth" shot in there somewhere.....

Generally, volleyball doesn't lend itself to shooting 2 teams.  On occasion, the opponent does work their way into a picture or 2 though.  Here is what it looks like to give up that last point that sends your team down in 3 straight games.

Picture time-

Game shots



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