Monday, May 31, 2010

Change Partners

Playoffs are always exciting, and this year's district volleyball showdown has been no exception.  Tuesday's semi-finals were filled with close games, momentum swings, and plenty of "thrill of victory" stuff.  For Thursday's finals, the same four teams would change partners for another night of fun- this time with more on the line.  The winner of Coughlin/North Pocono would claim the district title- a banner for their gym, and favorable seeding going into the regional round of the state tournament.  The winner of Holy Redeemer/Western Wayne would lay claim to the last spot in that tournament, keeping their dream alive.

Lots of you were there- and if you were not, you probably know how things finished.  North Pocono wins the district, fighting off a strong push by Coughlin- game 3- a 28-26 win for North Pocono was a turning point.  North Pocono will meet Western York as a result, and Coughlin will face BeCaHi in their opening round.

Holy Redeemer bested Western Wayne, and will take on Northeastern for their opportunity to advance.  Wins in this next round send the team to Penn State next weekend for the finals- a treat for any player.  There are no bad teams left playing though- so wins will be hard to come by.

Some thoughts from Thursday-

The bowtie has become kind of a tradition, so maybe by now, it is some sort of good luck charm.  Saddle shoes though? Apparently that's part of the uniform too.

Nice.  Too bad that wasn't towards the camera.

Best hitting face ever?  Discuss amongst yourselves....

One of the rarest shots on FotoFink.

Keep the faith- it's a long series.

A brief explanation-  Some time ago, our cameras caught Mrs. Wingert in an odd pose.  This has become sort of a tradition itsself now- she is a good enough sport to occasionally recreate that pose for our cameras.  On Thursday night, seeing this, led to this.  The camera was far too close for this most recent one, but traditions should be kept...

Time to wrap this up.  Just a side note- the lights at Wyoming Area were probably the best we've seen all season- these may be the highest quality volleyball pictures of the year.  It's as good a time as any to visit your friend the "BUY" button.

Championship match- Coughlin vs North Pocono

Consolation match- Redeemer vs Western Wayne

Tons 'o matches


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