Monday, February 1, 2010

No Fun Aloud

First things first- Careful readers will notice that Glenn Frey represents a small bit of progress in the lifelong project- let the wild rumpus begin!  There really were no good song titles to use for this post, but I was so excited to have something new to draw on, I was determined to use it somehow.  So rules get bent, album titles are now fair game, and the world keeps spinning.

No Fun Aloud is, of course, a play on words (6 1/2 years of college gave me a lot of keen insight).  It's a bit of a stretch for a blog post title, but it seems to be an appropriate caption for this shot.  Apparently, the word is out after the great inflatable attack of last week.  The constable has issued an orange alert for further activities...

Facebook followers of FotoFink (yes- we have a facebook group now- if you are on facebook, you can find it) will note that I was not planning on attending the varsity game of the triple-header- I had hockey tickets for a 7:05 faceoff.  Faced with the choice after the JV game-  out in the cold to see this, or stay put for some of this- was there really a decision to be made?

Your Royals went 2-1 in the 3 games, and each of the outcomes was in doubt until the final buzzer.  Game recaps are probably not why you are here though, so let's move on...

This photo is cropped a little wider than usual, but if you were there, you know the significance of the foot in the lower left corner of the shot.  I stopped snapping for the bloody parts.

In our "These two should get a room" moment of the week, I present this photo.  Since there are children reading this, we will assume that there is a basketball between them that is warranting all of the attention.  Also in contention was this shot, but since Steve was in a compromising position last week, it seemed wise to spread the joy around a little.  Draw your own conclusions about why Steve keeps popping up in these positions.

Even without a theme, the Royals faithful made an impressive showing.   Who's face was on those popsicle stick masks anyway?  As for Coughlin, granted, it was an away game, so it's probably unreasonable to expect a lot of the fans to make the journey.  While their crew seemed to lack some organization, I do have to give them credit for the "Lamb Chop" cheer.  That's just funny.

To say that it has been a rough few months for Alex Lauer is a gross understatement.  Can we agree that it is good to see him back?  Let's hope it's not too long before we see more of this.

The goods-