Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mercy Mercy Me

Schedules miraculously cleared on Monday night, and our staff was able to attend another triple-header of girl's basketball action.  In fact, it hardly seems worth going out any more unless it's a triple-header- a fact that pleases our shooters, but plagues our photo editing department.  The games ended in the typical 2-1 split, with Redeemer ending up taking the two wins.  All three were close games, made notable for the most part because every single fan in attendance decided to help the officials.   It's so nice when everyone chips in!  In the photo at the top of this post, the WVW coach has clearly had enough-  I am pretty sure he was saying "Mercy Mercy Me"

Motown is a bit of a departure from most of my music archive, and to be honest, it is the influence of Mrs. FotoFink.  You are about to see more of that influence as the lifelong project moves on- we are headed in to a fairly steady diet of Genesis- While I tended to favor the later, Phil Collins pop stuff, my bride was more into the early, Peter Gabriel artsy stuff.  No wonder it took a decade before we actually merged the album collection.

Some notes from the floor-

First off, thank you to the freshmen girls (freshwomen?  freshgirls?  Never mind- you know what I mean) for warming up without....  well- warm-ups!  The layup/shooting drill in the game uniforms made for some great photo ops.  If the other teams want to take note.....  (hint, hint....)

If my musical tastes ever turn to disco, its nice to know that Marissa can help me with the supporting photos.  There isn't really much chance of that disco thing happening though, trust me.

Monkey see, Monkey do?

It's a little disappointing to see no cheerleaders at the girls game, and no Red Sea/Red Tide/White Noise either.  At least one fan kept her spirit up regardless.  I am not sure which side she is from- do horns make you a Spartan or a Royal?  Or is she just a Favre fan?  I don't really care, I just like that hat.  Somewhere, buried deep in the archives, I have one of Mrs. Fink in similar garb.  I'll try to find it for the next post.

The lack of cheerleaders was actually not such a big issue, as the fans were treated to what is still the best halftime activity ever-  Mites!

Kind of an interesting effect here, as it looks like Anne Marie is running into some sort of glow from her opponent.  In truth, this was shot just as the other photographer's flash went off- so I guess you will see that shot from another angle in the paper.  What I still think is mysterious are the extra legs....

Officiating controversy continued into the varsity game- This was apparently an offensive foul- Olivia may disagree.  This may actually have been one, but I cannot say for sure that it was called that way.  That picture actually reminded me of another one- from back in the day.

Enough blogging-






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