Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Day

Ladies and gentleman-  Meet Logan.  While shooting the girls' basketball game last week, Logan, as you see, ran up to me on the sideline, and asked if I would take his picture. On another day, I may have politely done that, then moved on.  As luck would have it, this day, I decided to engage my new friend in some conversation.  Here's how I recall things happening:

Logan, as noted asks "Will you take my picture?"

"Sure" I reply.  I kind of like taking pictures.  I figure that I should find out who he is though- maybe his parents will want to buy one, right?

"Who are you?"


"Are you here with someone Logan?  Do you have someone playing?"

"My friend Richie and I are playing Mario Brothers"

Not where I wanted him to go, but I should know better than to try to control the direction of this conversation.  I decide to roll with it.  After all, I'm hip to the Mario stuff.  Mario and I go waaaayyy back.  My boys were of this generation too.

"So are you trying to save the princess?" I ask

"My girlfriend is my princess"


Well done Logan.  You will NEVER want for a date.

Game photos are here-




Lots more photos.


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