Sunday, December 5, 2010

Green Christmas

Green Christmas (First time?  Install the plug-in, then right click and press play after you follow that link) took on a new meaning on Saturday, as not only was there no snow to speak of, but more importantly, the Rams celebrated the holiday with an end-of-season banquet.  The West Pittson Rams have quickly become a staple here at FotoFink, so we were thrilled to be invited to the affair. Although an attempt was made to provide Santa photos "on the spot", that didn't go as smoothly as originally planned....  As an alternative, the shots in this gallery are all right-clickable... so you can download, save, share and print as much as you'd like.

A few quick housekeeping items-  If you added the appropriate plug-in to see the Santa show, you can also clich here for a showing of the 40th anniversary DVD.  Copies will be available to all who order, contact Sherrie or myself for details.  Note that the DVD includes folders of original, Hi-res files for every photo in the show- but you'll have to open it up on a computer to see that.  Those alone are worth the cost of the show.

Speaking of which.... Many of you have asked me about buying a CD of the photos of your own player.  For the most part, I've never really sold the files like that- weddings have been the exception.  Since I had so many requests though, I've decided to offer them.  Here's the arrangement- pick any 40 pictures (of YOUR child or children only) and I will make up a disc for a $60 charge- that's $1.50 per photo.  They are then yours to have forever.  Note that this is not any 40 photos-  to discourage sharing,  the photos should be of players from the same family.

A few observations....

Kids are supposed to be in Santa's lap.  Its how things have been since the dawn of time. The best photos, of course, come when someone else gets in the act.

Tugging on Santa's beard probably won't result in better gifts.

Babies.....  they are like little photo machines....  I could have snapped all night.

Something about the lap-sitter outsizing Santa seems wrong.  It's probably a football thing.

Here's Chrismtas card material.

Why do you think that snowman is smiling?  Where is his hand anyway?

Enough of this- Here's why you are here-

Santa Photos

All of FotoFink


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